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29th INEPS Congress, Burgas, Bulgaria 2017 "Productive Learning as a means to prevent early school leaving": (waiting material)



28th INEPS Congress, Tampere, Finland 2016:


26th INEPS Congress, Berlin, Germany 2014:



INEPS Leaflet

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> Productive Learning. What is it? (IPLE, Germany)
> The activities of INEPS and the Administration Council. From May 2011 to May 2012 (Heike Borkenhagen 2012)

23rd INEPS Congress. Patras, Greece 2011:

> Report 20th INEPS Congress. "Individual Vocational Orientation in Productive Learning." Bourgas (Bulgaria 2008)
> The new professional understanding of oneself as a PL educator (Heike Borkenhagen, IPLE, 2007)

Prevention on drug addiction, promotion of relationel dynamics and confrontation of school stress (Protasi, Greece)


Report 16th INEPS Congress. "Productive Learning for a better cultural understanding". Vilafranca del Penedès 2004


The Learnshop, a Productive Learning Workshop (Ingrid Böhm & Jens Schneider, IPLE)


Using Our Common Heritage From Greek Antiquity To Falafel, Hamburgers, Rap And Techno (12th Congress, Angela Passa)


INEPS Youth Congresses: History and Projects (Jacques Bonnisseau, September 2000)


A Memorial Excursion to Auschwitz Undertaken by Youngsters of the Learnworkshop Hellersdorf (Learnworkshop Hellersdorf, Berlin 2000)


Pécs Production School offers career, job and income to young unemployed people (1999)




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"The spirit of man
is not like a vessel
that wants to be
filled, but like a
fire that wants
to be ignited."



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